Be Heard, Be Valued

SoundIt is an audio-first social decentralized platform (dPlat) focused in disrupting the status-quo audio value chain.

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Be a Creator, a Fan, or both. There are no limits on who you can be.

With just your phone, creators can set up a professional studio-like environment, and collaborate globally to generate fan engagement. Basically, it’s creativity personified.

Use your creativity to earn

We give you the right toolkit and social environment. Now all you need is to open your creativity to the world.



Main content component of the social app;
how Creators create for Fans to engage.

In essence, short-form audio. 10-180 seconds of audible content that our Creators record or upload onto their profile using only their mobile phones

Ability to upload photos and record audio with a professional grade advanced editor to have a studio-like setup.

Feed & Stage & Spotlight

Content engagement flow for Creators and Fans.

Blurbs start in the Feed (followers) and Stage. Based on our algorithms (optimized for giving opportunities to early and raising creators), Blurbs are positioned on the Stage. If they get sufficient attention and engagement, they will be pushed to Spotlight, in order to have a more probable chance of generating virality and hence, value/rewards to all the ecosystem.


Collab is the next era of boosted creativity. The social environment sets the base and the Collab feature sets the icing on the cake.

Creators can create different and independent Blurbs that tie into each other in a sequence (sequencing) or add their own touch and creativity to existing Blurbs and pieces of content, generating a brand new content piece (remixing).


Pods are all about community. It’s where Creators and Fans gather and grow into communities.

Communication component of the app; compared to Blurbs, Pods generate an environment to boost engagement via communication hosted by Creators and joined by Fans.

No one cares if you

build another social media network

Everyone cares:
If you disrupt the social media chain and generate an audio value chain and economic model via web3.0, decentralization and beyond.

Creator Economy & Value Chain

The Creator-Fan-Platform relationship model is broken.

SoundIt fixes this. In one unique platform we allow creators and fans to take real ownership and gain value from it.

Value is defined by the community; if it’s valuable by the community, value should be generated out of it.


We need platforms that don’t just connect web3.0 with traditional economic models (2.0), but platforms that generate a ground-up full-stack and layered economic model with web3.0 primitives to disrupt the value chain proposal (3.0).

We know what you need

Creators are NFTs, as well as all their content; they can be invested/supported, traded, governed and collected.
Fans are squads that can make a powerful impact.

We aim to redefine the foundation of the audio Creator Economy to suit the new generation of social media users by leveraging Web 3.0.